22 May, 2016

BOYCE & HART - P.O. BOX 9847

BOYCE & HART - "Alice Long (You're Still My Favorite Girlfriend)" / "P.O. Box 9847" (A&M210 033) August 1968

Today's piece of ACE paisley pop is Boyce & Hart's recording of "P.O. Box 9847" which was released as the B-Side of "Alice Long" back in the Summer of 1968. Listen out for some fab 'Revolver' era guitar licks.

The Monkees also recorded this gem for their album "The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees" Micky Dolenz handles lead vocals...

Flip magazine - January 1968

21 May, 2016


THE STARFIRES - "I Never Loved Her" / "Linda" (G.I. Records 4001) May 1965

Here's a legendary record among 60s garage enthusiasts, The Starfires from Los Angeles with their intense and downright vicious tune "I Never Loved Her". This side scored a maximum "10" in 'Teenbeat Mayhem' confirming it one of the true greats of the genre.

Original copies sell for over $1,000 nowadays and so are obviously outta the range of most collectors. However, I own a great sounding white label bootleg. My advice is to catch 'em while you can. The original copies have gold labels with red writing and no doubt sound even better than this bootleg. It's believed only 25 copies or less exist!

With it's pounding bass, snarling vocals, screams, snotty attitude and teen angst "I Never Loved Her" will live long in your memory.

18 May, 2016


PETER & the WOLVES - "Little Girl Lost & Found" / "Is Me" (MGM 61169) October 1967

This is an obscure 1967 pop syke single by John Pantry's group Peter & The Wolves. "Little Girl Lost And Found" was first released by US group The Garden Club during April 1967 on A&M Records.
For those who have no idea who John Pantry is, well he wrote two of the classics recorded by The Factory - "Path Through The Forest" and "Try A Little Sunshine", supplying lead vocals for the latter.

14 May, 2016


THE BRAIN - "Nobody Knows The Game" (Tenth Planet TP-052) 2001

The core of "Syde Tryps #7" is provided by a handful of previously unreleased 1967 tracks from The Brain, who were of course responsible for one of the more manic 45s of the psychedelic era with the May 1967 single, "Kick The Donkey" / "Nightmares In Red". The group had previously been known as Trendsetters Ltd, though a December 1966 single for Page One "Boyfriends And Girlfriends" / "Shot On Sight" had appeared under the truncated name of The Trend.

"Nobody Knows The Game" is about as commercial sounding as The Brain ever got and could have easily been released as a single A-Side but sadly remained in the can until Tenth Planet called for this compilation.

The Brain were Michael Giles (drums, vocals) his brother Peter Giles (bass, vocals), Alan Azern (piano, vocals) and Michael Blakesley (trombone, vocals).

12 May, 2016


DEREK - "Cinnamon" / "This Is My Story" (Bang B-558) August 1968

Derek were a short-lived 'studio' group consisting of Johnny Cymbal and sundry musicians. This was their first record and when it became a hit Bang Records wanted a touring group to cash in and promote the record. A detailed history of Johnny Cymbal can be found at a wikipedia page.

"Cinnamon" is a bouncy piece of bubblegum pop, very catchy with hit potential. It sailed up the Charts in America but got no where fast in Britain. I'd never heard of Derek before buying this record on a whim last month. Tommy Roe also recorded "Cinnamon" but did not release it on a single keeping it for an album track.

"Cinnamon" / "This Is My Story" (Bang B-558) August 1968
"Back Door Man" / "Sell Your Soul" (Bang B-566) February 1969
"Inside Outside" / "Sell Your Soul" (Bang B-571) August 1969

Mike Rashkow, Ellie Greenwich, Johnny Cymbal - 1966


11 May, 2016


THEM - "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" / "Good Or Bad" (Decca 6.11225) January 1974

Turntable spin today is a cover of Bob Dylan's "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" by Them from 1966. This 45 was never released in Britain at the time. I believe it came out in Germany during 1974, hence the fonts they've used on the cover which are more Glam Rock than Folk Rock.

According to a Them fan, the song was used in German film "Die Rocker" [The Rocker] so the label issued it on a single and it went to number 1. As a consequence Them reformed in Germany and recorded a new album "Shut Your Mouth" which became their final album. They then went touring but due to problems with management and personal conflicts Them disbanded once again. 

10 May, 2016


THE DAVE CLARK FIVE - "Everybody Knows" / "Concentration Baby" (Columbia DB 8286) October 1967

I watched a terrific Dave Clark Five documentary recently on BBC4 and didn't realize just how big and popular they became in America. Most of their early beat singles are appealing but they did tend to get bogged down with limp love ballads as the sixties progressed. 

Fortunately some of their more adventurous gems can be found on the B-Sides of singles such as the soul tinged fuzz 'n tambourine rocker "Concentration Baby" from 1967....they didn't even bother to mention this one on the documentary I watched which concentrated on the hits but none of their obscurities or ventures into psychedelia.



THE ROLLING STONES - "2000 Light Years From Home" / "She's A Rainbow" (Decca 79.016) 1967

Today's happenin' blast of 1967 British psychedelia is this mellotron infused acid creation "2,000 Light Years From Home" by the STONES. The lyrics were supposedly written by Mick while he was eating bowls of porridge inside Brixton Prison following his conviction for drug charges in June '67.

The equally brilliant psych ballad "She's A Rainbow" on the other side, making this 45 a vinyl slab of nirvana.

"Have you seen her all in gold,

Like a queen in days of old?
She shoots colours all around
like a sunset going down.
Have you seen a lady fairer?"

This is my French copy. It was never released in Britain!


09 May, 2016


THE FLOWER POT MEN - "You Can Never Be Wrong" / "Man Without A Woman" (Deram DM-183) April 1968

This is the second time out for The Flowerpot Men on my blog, they last surfaced way back in July 2008 with their Byrdsian drone "Blow Away." Eight years later they're back again with their third single and flop "You Can Never Be Wrong."

I'm not sure how this absolutely gorgeous psychedelic tinged harmony pop song failed to sell. Perhaps the vocal arrangements were just too complex for the casual buyer to comprehend. It's also a song that rarely shows up on Flowerpot Men compilations and was again ignored when RPM released a CD of their obscurities back in 2000, although the liners do have a picture of a Dutch advert for the single published in "Mini-Maat Music" magazine/trade paper.

I have other Flowerpot Men singles and I'll try not to leave their next outing so long next time!
By the way, the main stays of The Flowerpot Men were John Carter and Ken Lewis. They also wrote 'Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James' for Manfred Mann, 'Sunshine Girl' for Herman's Hermits and perhaps more famously 'My World Fell Down' recorded by Sagittarius.

08 May, 2016


MIKI DALLON - "Cheat and Lie" / I'm Gonna Find A Cave" (Strike JH 306) January 1966

It has taken me a couple of years to find this original Miki Dallon single on Strike but I managed just that back in April. Both sides are fabulous mod beat with forceful bass runs, riffs a plenty and brass.
Just prior to this record Miki Dallon fronted The Sessions (probably a studio group) who released "Let Me In" / "Bouncing Bass" on the American Fontana label. This was late 1965.

Miki was also producer for gritty R&B group The Sorrows who covered several of his songs including "Let Me In" and "Take A Heart" They even recorded a version of "I'm Gonna Find A Cave" but it remained in the can for decades.

"I'm Gonna Find A Cave" was also recorded by Charlie Starr, Billy Lee Riley, Jimmy Powell & the Dimensions and The Banana Splits.

30 April, 2016


THE CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND - "The Sound Of The Summer" / "The Only One In Sight" (Decca F 12649) August 1967

Today's turntable spin is an obscure Bee Gees styled harmony pop record from August 1967. More than likely copied their name from the American Chocolate Watch Band. The (UK version) were a duo featuring teenagers Jack Oliver and Gary Osborne and all of their publicity shots that I've seen show them dressed in fine Dandy threads.

A good source of information can be found via Jack Oliver's own website.

from 45cat - Germany

Dave Aguilar, lead singer with American garage psych group The Chocolate Watch Band recently left this message on my YouTube Channel.

This IS NOT THE REAL Chocolate Watchband...these are posers ripping off the name....Don't be fooled-don't bother listening to this garbage........"


GRAPEFRUIT - "Someday Soon" / "Theme For Twiggy" (Stateside SSL 414) December 1968

I'm on a Grapefruit trip at the moment and if you dig psychedelic instrumentals look no further than B-Side "Theme For Twiggy." This is the Spanish release housed in a textured colour sleeve. Greatness from late 1968.

This soothing piece of music probably written with 60s model Twiggy in mind is not that well known and is certainly a lost gem hidden away on a B-Side of a single. It turned up on a long forgotten "Instro-Hipsters A-Go-Go" compilation back in 2001

24 April, 2016


GRAPEFRUIT - "Elevator" / "Yes" (RCA Victor 1677) April 1968

This was Grapefruit's second single and first of 1968. "Elevator" is a very catchy pop psych mover reminding me so much of the early Move. I really don't know how this was not a hit record.
Paul McCartney worked with the band on a promo video of "Elevator" at London's Albert Memorial. I've never seen this but perhaps it will surface on YouTube one day!

"Put yourself on an elevator going......HIGH"

23 April, 2016


BROTHERHOOD - "California Dreamin" (RCA LSP-4228) 1969

Brotherhood were formed during mid-1967 by three members of Paul Revere and the Raiders (Phil "Fang" Volk, Michael Smith and Drake Levin). Their debut album "Brotherhood" took over a year after recording to see a release due to lawsuits with Columbia Records and Paul Revere.

This album under my spotlight was released in 1969 and the songs cover several genres including blues, folk, pop and heavy psychedelia, including their rendition of "California Dreamin' which has been posted here today.

Recorded at RCA's Music Centre of the World, Hollywood, California.


21 April, 2016


JASON CREST - "Turquoise Tandem Cycle" / "Good Life" (Philips BF 1633) January 1968

Jason Crest have been posted on my music blog a couple of times in the past. Today I'll concentrate on their beginnings and first single for Philips.

They formed in the suburbs of Kent, first calling themselves The Spurlyweeves but by early 1967 they were playing regular gigs and making a name for themselves as The Good Thing Brigade. By the end of '67 they had secured a record deal with Philips and began recording their first single.

The beautifully psychedelic "Turquoise Tandem Cycle" was released during January 1968 as Jason Crest. During the recording session(s) they had obviously decided to change their moniker inspired by an imaginary composer "Justin Crest."

"A turquoise tandem cycle has wheels of rubber rings
A choir of silent voices, a book of silent hymns." 

press advert - January 1968

18 April, 2016


I've found a two page report of the 'ill-fated' "Tijuana Pop Festival" from October 1968 in one of my "Teenset" magazines. It seems that due to groups not being paid, equipment not arriving and dodgy Mexican cops, Eric Burdon & The Animals and The Iron Butterfly didn't play.
However, The Yellow Payges did. Infact they were asked to perform a second time after 7:30pm to keep the crowd from getting even more restless, cold and bored.

17 April, 2016


THE HOLLIES - "Peculiar Situation" / "Pay You Back With Interest" (Odeon 23 535) July 1967

So it was "Record Store Day" today and once again I never bothered going to any record shop. Come to think of it I've never bothered participating in RSD ever!!!

But those who did came away with some swag judging by the photos coming up on my Facebook timeline. That's good cos they're going to genuine collectors and not the bearded hipster fly-by-night types...

It's "Vinyl Day" every day of the year for me and this obscure Hollies German release from 1967 came way this week. Unique too cos both songs never appeared on any UK single. Both songs appeared on The Hollies fifth studio album "For Certain Because" and were recorded at Abbey Road Studios between August - October 1966.


THE GRAPEFRUIT - "Dear Delilah" / "Dead Boot" (RCA Victor 45-15050) January 1968

I don't suppose The Grapefruit are that well known among non 60s freaks but they released a few worthy singles on RCA during 1968 including "Dear Delilah." They evolved out of beat group Tony Rivers & the Castaways. Dig the phasing on "Dear Delilah".... a classy pop psych tune and check out the rare promo video recently restored by "Revolver TV"

The Grapefruit were the first signing to The Beatles' Apple Publishing company, and the launch party to celebrate the event was attended by various fans, plus Donovan and a bearded Brian Jones. Paul McCartney even directed a promo film for the band's "Elevator" single at London's Albert Memorial.


14 April, 2016


NEIL DIAMOND - "Cherry Cherry" / "Solitary Man" (Metronome J 713) November 1966

Neil Diamond needs no explanation but his obscure mid 60s songs probably do. During this period he was writing songs for other artists mainly The Monkees and his commercial pop nugget "Cherry Cherry" would have been perfect for them but sadly they never recorded it.

The first time I heard "Cherry Cherry" would have been sometime in the mid eighties via The Music Machine. It's on their "Turn On" album. I had no idea that it was written by Neil Diamond, back then I wasn't concerned with such detail. The Music Machine's version adds fuzz guitar and is a bit slower.
I think I prefer Neil's recording.

By the way "Cherry Cherry" was also recorded by an English group called Wishful Thinking. They released the song as the B-Side of "Peanuts" on Decca during June 1967. A very good take too.

The other side "Solitary Man" sees Neil Diamond in moody folk-rock mode. The Kitchen Cinq recorded a version. Check it out on the album from 1967.

Two great songs on one German picture sleeved release from the back end of 1966. One to search out to add to your collection.

12 April, 2016


EPISODE SIX - "Morning Dew" / "Sunshine Girl" (Pye 7N.17330) June 1967

Episode Six had previously released several singles but none of them reached the Top Fifty. The group had high hopes that their version of "Morning Dew" would provide them with their breakthrough hit and the record certainly had the attention of the Pirate Radio Stations who played it.

Despite this push and an article in renowned music publication "Beat Instrumental" Episode Six suffered another disappointment.

"Morning Dew"
has been recorded by many artists and groups over the years. Most people think that Tim Rose wrote the song but this is contested by Canadian singer songwriter Bonnie Dobson who claimed that she wrote the tune back in the early 1960s.

Bonnie Dobson did not receive a credit on the Episode Six Pye label although she does receive co-writer credit on my US Compass label release. I have taken a photo of this label too.

Beat Instrumental - July 1967


10 April, 2016


EPISODE SIX - "I Can See Through You" / "When I Fall In Love" (Pye 7N.17376) October 1967

This is yet another single released during October 1967 that simply soared outta the psychedelic airwaves but as with so many records back in those heady tripped-out days this one by Episode Six went to nowheresville.

"I Can See Through You" is a very under-rated psych masterpiece that rarely (if ever) gets mentioned in those trendy lists of Top 10 this or Top 100 that of 60s psychedelic songs. I can't think why this particular trip eludes the writers. Perhaps this is the greatest song future Deep Purple member Roger Glover ever wrote.

Another future Deep Purple member was Ian Gillan and his vocals here are treated in the mid '67 style makin' them a joyous rush of  Who-like aural sorcery. The Revolver period bass notes are superb and the obscure psychedelic lyrics are mind melters. Then half way through this exhilaration everything stops except for flutes and voices, then it all starts up again. The middle section seems likes its taken from a motion picture epic as the Roman army marches off to war...then flutes and coral voices return....Perfection!


09 April, 2016


THE TRADE WINDS - "Mind Excursion" / "Little Susan's Dreamin" (Kama Sutra KA212) July 1967

New York based group The Trade Winds were centred around duo Peter Andreoli and Vincent Poncia who had been together previously as The Videls. They also wrote songs together which were recorded by Phil Spector's artists in the early 60s.

You'd expect a head rush of acid sounds with a song title like "Mind Excursion" but it demonstrates how straight groups co-opted the trend for utilizing a suggestive title that, in actuality, encouraged a positive physical adventure rather than a head trip. With it's gorgeous melody and distinctive 'harp' sounds sprinkled over the chorus the song had every chance to hit the Top 50 in USA, which it did. In some regions it even went Top 5 and stayed on radio playlists for several months after it's release.

For some reason The Trade Winds changed their name to The Innocence and continued releasing records during 1967.

"Mind Excursion" was recorded by several other artists during the late sixties including Wayne Fontana, check out the B-Side of his solo single "The Words Of Bartholomew" from May 1968.
Two version were released during 1969 one by Bob Dileo and another by Australian vocalist Lynne Randell.

German release

The Trade Winds at #5 in San Jose - pic from ARSA

08 April, 2016


MARIANNE FAITHFULL - "Is This What I Get For Loving You?" / "Tomorrow's Calling" (Decca F.22524) February 1967

Today's spotlight is on Marianne Faithfull (again) with her 1967 flop "Is This What I Get For Loving You?" The song was recorded first in 1965 by The Ronettes. Their version flopped too.
On this cut, Marianne's vocals are at a lower register and have a similar moodiness to that of Nico on the first Velvet Underground album.

I wonder if she was singing with Mick Jagger in mind here?

07 April, 2016


THE PRETTY THINGS - "Private Sorrow" / "Balloon Burning" (Columbia DB 8494) November 1968

Everyone who visits my blog will know about The Pretty Things and their story has been told numerous times via fanzines and CD re-issue liners. For any novice out there start by obtaining a collection of their R&B period then move onto their psychedelic era where much treasure is available to be enjoyed.

This fabulous Pretty Things single from the back end of 1968 combines "Private Sorrow" with "Balloon Burning." Both songs feature on their studio album "S.F. Sorrow." Several online commentators have suggested that this single didn't stand a chance mainly because the songs were recorded within a loosely based concept album and perhaps were lost on the buying public. I just think lack of any promotion and the fact that the serious heads were no longer buying 45s in late 1967/68 was the reason why The Pretty Things had single miss after miss. Perhaps this is the reason why "Private Sorrow" is The Pretty Things most difficult single to find on Columbia.

"Balloon Burning" is a fierce turned-on psych rocker with a killer guitar solo. It's certainly one of their finest.

06 April, 2016


PEPPER & THE SHAKERS - "Semi-Psychedelic" / "I'll Always Love You" (Coral 62523) June 1967

The location of the very obscure group Pepper & The Shakers is unconfirmed, some sources suggest Michigan while Teenbeat Mayhem did not add the location or speculate. Little has ever been written about them either and no photo has ever surfaced. Quite a mystery for a combo on a major label.

"Semi-Psychedelic (It Is)" is a tripped out psychedelic nugget oozing in fuzztones and what sounds like Echoplex delay. The lyrics seem to be dealing with an acid trip.

"The doors are shut behind us....the strobe lights are working...nothing else exists....
semi-psychedelic...all kinds of noises...you can't look at anything too long....there's still more changes coming..."

The other side "I'll always Love You" is decent pop with a touch of jangle.

03 April, 2016


THE TIMEBOX - "Don't Make Promises" / "Walking Through The Streets Of My Mind" (Deram DM 153) October 1967

So I finally found a copy of this fab Timebox single. It has taken a fair few years but I secured one back in October 2015. I wrote about The Timebox several years ago when I covered their "Gone Is The Sad Man" but this disc is perhaps my favourite.

The Timebox released several 45s during the the period 1967-69 but all (apart from the small hit 'Beggin') flopped. They even recorded a collection of songs in 1968 for an album called 'Moose On The Loose'. Unfortunately, Deram did not release it at the time.

Incidentally, the mod movin' "Walking Through The Streets Of My Mind" with it's slightlydelic arrangement was also recorded by Los Angeles group The Beethoven Soul who released it on their album a month before The Timebox version hit the markets.

Mike Patto (vocals, guitar)
Ollie Halsall (vocals, guitar)
Clive Griffiths (bass)
Chris Holmes (keyboards)
John Halsey (drums) 


THE AFFECTION COLLECTION - "The Collector" (Evolution 2007) late 1969

The Affection Collection of every young individual is indeed a rare and precious one...even if only in memory. Some will remember with loving affection such things as knowing the feeling of being wanted and of being loved...and of building dreams for tomorrow.

You think of such things when you meet the young men who sport the name The Affection Collection. With hair just long enough to look neat...smiles a mile wide...and attitudes that would be a source of pride for anyone, anytime, anywhere, these boys drove to Norman Petty's studio in Clovis, New Mexico, with ideas in mind...ideas to record and to become successful in music.

Mike Doggett writes songs, plays the guitar and seems to be the thinker of the group, Hal Rowberry is the movie star material of the bunch with good looks that he is comfortably aware of. Hal sings and clowns a bit and seems to get along very well with all ladies...young and old!

Then you must meet Don Christensen who plays organ and piano, sings, and worries a great deal about the next six or seven meals per day. He even thought of marriage, but has decided that he is too young for that sort of thing at the present. Tim Comeau plays drums, worries about malnutrition and money, and tries to sleep a lot. Ray Hassell is the fire cracker of the group with enough drive to hustle anyone or anything! He may turn out to be America's youngest, richest, promotion man and plays bass on the side.

When you meet these boys, you may be surprised to learn that they are young...and old fashioned at the same time...just enough to be real. They look young, think young, have fun, and enjoy singing and making people happy with their music.

We at Stereo Dimension think that you will enjoy this collection, and that is the object of the affections of The Affection Collection.