03 June, 2008

THE SCANDAL - There's Reasons Why

THE SCANDAL - 'There's Reasons Why' / 'Girl, You're Goin' Out'a My Mind' (Pepper 432) December 1967

Pleasant two sided flower power 45 by Memphis, Tennessee band The Scandal. This was their only record and they sadly broke up in early '68 when singer songwriter Len Renfro joined the Navy.

It's a shame that this band were a short-lived outfit because both sides were original compositions and they definately had the potential to create even more coolness.

Fortunately, both songs are available on compilations: You'll find 'There's Reasons Why' on The Electric Coffee House. The flip 'Girl, You're Goin' Out'a My Mind' on Fading Yellow - Volume 3.


Len Renfro
Bruce Smith
Carol Ferrante
Kathy Thornton

Billboard ad - December 1967

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  1. just found a copy in my record collection. didn't even know that I had one. not bad, but I'm no superfan of this kind of stuff...