31 March, 2009

THE GREEN TELESCOPE - When Scopes Collide

The Green Telescope - Sounds 7th April, 1984


THE LEATHER BOY - 'Shadows' / 'I'm A Leather Boy' (MGM K13724) April 1967

'Shadows' is an outstanding slice of psychedelia with whispered vocals and a trippy melody line full of echo. I can remember being blown away by this as a teenager when I first heard it on Pebbles Vol 11. It's a killer B-Side and is far superior than the novelty top side 'I'm A Leather Boy'.
I've read online somewhere else that The Leather Boy appeared on TV Show "Upbeat" performing 'I'm A Leather Boy'. The record wasn't a hit however and is a hard 45 to locate, especially in the tasty picture sleeve.
Leather Boy was also known as Milan and lots of 45s have been released under various guises such as Milan, World Of Milan, The Leather Boy and The Licorice Schtik. He also put together a band and released an album as The Head Shop in late 1969.
Milan's work is surely ripe for a retrospective, although I'm sure a legit release will almost certainly never happen because so many different record labels would be involved.

Sadly Milan died of a brain tumour in 1971.

29 March, 2009

THE PLAYN JAYN - vintage articles from Sounds

advert - Sounds - September 1984
Sounds - April 1985
The Playn Jayn article from Sounds... 7th April, 1984

27 March, 2009


Over the next week or so I'll post articles from Sounds Magazine dated April 7th, 1984. In this edition the music weekly newspaper featured several articles about the new neo 60s bands emerging from USA especially those from the so called 'Paisley Underground'. Indeed the paper featured a full colour centre spread detailing this particular scene.
It's 25 years since this issue of Sounds came out and I can still remember buying my copy all those years ago. 25 fucking years!!!! Click article to enlarge.

24 March, 2009


SOUND VENDOR - 'Mister Sun' / In Paradise' (Liquid Stereo LS-25) 1967

Here's a record that remains elusive to me. It was up for auction on ebay a couple of years ago but I got outbid by a couple of $$$; it went for about $170 in the end.
So this is a copy of the song 'Mister Sun' taken from 'Voyages Into Psychedelia Vol 2. The label scan is taken from popsike.

One day I'll own this amazing psychedelic 45!! Listen out for a minutes worth of freak out action as the song comes to an end. Certainly is Liquid Stereo Diethylamide.


20 March, 2009

P.J. ORION and the MAGNATES - Love Minus Zero

P.J. ORION and the MAGNATES - Love Minus Zero (Eva 12023)

French re-issue label Eva Records put out this rare album by student garage band P.J. Orion and the Magnates in 1984. It was one of Eva's first releases and I probably bought this when it appeared on the scene from a mail order firm called Funhouse Records.

This prep school album is different from other preppy school one off's because this band go for the folk rock sound in a big way. Even their covers of British Invasion tunes like 'As Tears Go By', 'We Gotta Get Out Of This Place' and EVEN 'Gloria' have got electric folk rock jangle all over them instead of the English beat sound.
This is perhaps why I love this album so much. Every cut is a cover version but The Magnates add their own special ingredient into the mix.

The information about each band member on the album back cover is a piss-take but at least it provides their names and the instruments they struggled to play.

I'm not sure where the band came from but I've read online that they attended a college in Groton, Massachusettes and recorded this album and had it manufactured in 1966. An original LP is scarce and will probably cost at least $350 and the release on Eva has more or less vanished aswell.

Surprisingly, only 'We Gotta Get Out Of This Place' has ever been compiled and that was in 1982 on
Oil Stains Vol 1. No CD re-issue exists as far as I know.

P.J. ORION and the MAGNATES - Love Minus Zero

18 March, 2009

STONE COUNTRY - Life Stands Daring Me

I wrote this review of the debut 45 by Stone Country back in April 2007. Last year Rev-ola thankfully re-issued their 1968 album as well as some/all of their singles??? I don't know for sure because I don't have this CD re-issue.

STONE COUNTRY - 'Time Isn't There (Anymore)' / Life Stands Daring' (RCA 47-9301) Sept 1967

Excelent late 60s group of country rockers from California. Not sure what part of California exactly but their recordings were made in Hollywood.
Stone Country consisted of Dann Barry (bass), Steve Young (lead guitar), Don Beck (12 string guitar and banjo), Dennis Conway (drums), Richard Lockmiller (rhythm guitar) and Doug Brooks (also rhythm guitar). Steve Young would go on to become a country rock star when Stone Country disbanded and Don Beck would later work with Dillard and Clark.

This was their first 45 for RCA Victor. They would release three more, as well as an awsome album in 1968. Well I think it's an amazing album, very hard to categorise but I'll have a go and say it's psychedelic country (whatever that means) but you can get the picture.

Basically if you dig late period Byrds and in particular their Notorious Byrd Brothers phaze, you'll dig not only the album but you'll want to own their 45s aswell. The plug side of this 45 was the Dann Barry and Doug Brooks song 'Time Isn't There (Anymore)'. It's a beautiful country tinged psych tune full of harmonies and a wall of guitar sound. Pretty damned cool bass runs as well.
This song was recently compiled on 'turned-on' CD Soft Sounds For Gentle People Volume 2. The uncompiled 'Life Stands Daring Me' again treads a country psych path and is just as good as the top side. Notable for the closing raga guitar sound. This song was written by Don Beck.

It's also worth mentioning that Stone Country were slated to do recordings and possibly appear in some scenes in the late 60s LSD comedy caper Skidoo starring Mickey Rooney and Groucho Marx. Unfortunately this never materialized and all of the songs for the film were Harry Nilsson's.

I've did some diggin' around for information about Stone Country and there isn't a great deal on offer. Maybe the liners come up with some interesting details about the band.
I do know that they were led by Steve Young who formed Stone Country in 1967. They got signed to RCA and an album was released in March 1968. It appears to have sank without trace, which is a shame because it contains many highlights including raga psych winner 'Mantra' and the harmony pop psych of 'Everywhere I Turn'.
These two songs would have made a really strong 45 follow up to 'Life Stands Daring Me' but for some strange reason the record company opted to release the rather ordinary 'Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde'.
It's also got to be said that the LP cover is appalling. Just what the art department were thinking of is anyone's guess. Drawing the faces of the band on some stones because they are called Stone Country is rather lame indeed.
So, the cover would not have got the impulse buyers handing over their cash. Back in 1968 record buyers probably wanted something a little more garish and psychedelic looking.
It's also worth noting that Rev-ola used the stereo mix for their re-issue release. My album copy is the mono issue and probably sounds a whole lot better.
The album was mentioned as a 'spotlight' release on the KFXM Radio chart coming at you from San Bernardino, California in March '68.

The Producer for all Stone Country recordings was Rick Jarrard. He was making a name for himself on the West Coast by also twiddling the knobs for The Family Tree, Loading Zone, Nilsson and more famously The Jefferson Airplane. He produced their 'Surrealistic Pillow'.
The band or perhaps RCA also utilized songwriters Diane Hilderbrand. She wrote some songs recorded by The Monkees such as 'Early Morning Blues And Greens' and co-wrote 'Goin' Down' and 'Your Auntie Grizelda'.
The songwriting team of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil contributed 'Angelica' which I don't think works for a psychedelic country rock band like Stone Country.

After one album and four singles Stone Country split sometime in 1969 when Steve Young quit and signed for A&M Records as a solo artist.


Time Isn't There (Anymore) / Life Stands Daring (RCA Victor 47-9301)
Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde / Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde instrumental (RCA Victor 47-9397)
Love Psalm / Magnolias (RCA Victor 47-9472)
Wheels On Fire / Million Dollar Bash (RCA Victor 47-9534)

Stone Country LP (RCA-Victor LPM 3958)

15 March, 2009



THE ROADRUNNERS - 'Payback Time' / 'Love Me As I Am' (Beluga 005) 1999

I wrote about Örebro based Roadrunners in May 2008 when I reviewed their debut CD single. That release was a purist R&B approach and the band pulled it off in great style.
This record on a small label out of Sweden probably had a run of 1000 copies and they of course are now long gone. In years to come these underground neo garage/psych 45s will be as sought after as some of those original 60s garage singles.

This time around The Roadrunners have discovered fuzztoned guitars on 'Payback Time' and have left the R&B sound in favour of stripped down garage moves. The production is excellent and thankfully no instruments are buried in the mix. The bass guitar runs from Kristofer Mossberg are a particular stand out. 

14 March, 2009


THE OTHERS - 'Goin' Around' EP (Misty Lane Records 027) May 1995

The Others were legends in their own street in Rome but unlike their famous forefathers from 2000 years ago, these particular Romans failed to invade any other boundaries or crucify Jesus for that matter.

The Others seemed to be on a hot streak of records in the mid 90s and this four song EP could be one of their best. All songs were written by Massimo Del Pozzo except 'That's All She Wrote' originally released by The Love-Ins.

'Goin' Around' is a fine example of jangly garage with of course resplendent farfisa organ.

songs on EP:
Goin' Around
Love And Care
That's All She Wrote
Won't Let Her Go

09 March, 2009

THE GENTLEMEN - It's A Cry'n Shame

THE GENTLEMEN - 'It's A Cry'n Shame'/'You Can't Be True' (Vandan) 1967
I loaded this one on to my computer to use months ago but forgot about it. Then I decided to pay a visit to my 70s punk and new wave record boxes so The Gentlemen were forgotten about which come to think about it isn't very gentlemanly of me is it?

So here goes. The MP3 comes from my burn from the IMO best 'pound for pound' garage punk compilation LP ever (ie) 'I Was A Teenage Caveman'.....this disc kills every other contender including those overated 'Back From The Graves' and 'Teenage Shutdowns'...
The label scan of The Gentlemen 45 comes from the bosshoss66 archives.
THE GENTLEMEN - It's A Cry'n Shame

08 March, 2009


THE CHURCH - 'Tear It All Away' (Carrere CAL 130) 1981

Aussie band The Church became an obsession of mine in the early 80s mainly because they had a glorious 12 string Rickenbacker jangle and wore paisley shirts.

Steve Kilbey also wrote some amazing songs and none were better than 'Tear It All Away' which was part of their debut LP, simply called The Church (in England) or 'Of Skins And Heart' (in Australia).
Listen to the sparkling Marty Willson-Piper jangle nirvana and Peter Koppes' faultless lead guitar solo that elevates this song way up among the best post punk songs of the 80s.
The Church were simply ahead of their time.

I found the promo video for 'Tear It All Away' on YouTube. Considering the year is 1981 it's not a bad attempt. I don't suppose they had much of a budget to spend either.

07 March, 2009

ECHO and the BUNNYMEN - Simple Stuff

ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN - 'Rescue' / 'Simple Stuff' (Korova KOW1) May 1980

Formed in Liverpool in the late 70s (with a drum machine called Echo) they quickly established themselves as a band to watch. Thankfully, by the time of 'Rescue' they had dropped the drum machine in favour of a real drummer called Pete De Freitas.

'Simple Stuff' was a non LP B-Side and showed The Bunnymen's darker, psychedelic guitar rock side.

THE JAM - In The Crowd

THE JAM - 'In The Crowd' (Polydor POLD 5008) Nov 1978

'In The Crowd' was The Jam's first foray into psychedelia, a genre they would visit now and again until their split in '82.

This particular song was part of the successful 'All Mod Cons' LP released in November 1978. It's notable for it's change in tempo midway through the song from a pop ballad to something much more manic with reverberation, a backwards guitar solo and eerie spoken words burried in the mix.

THE JAM - In The Crowd

06 March, 2009

RADIO STARS - No Russians In Russia

RADIO STARS - 'Stop It' EP (Chiswick Records SW 17) 1977

Singer Andy Ellison had been the frontman in 60s mod band John's Children. He then formed a glam rock band called Jet with songwriter Martin Ellison. After a couple of flop singles Jet reformed under the name of Radio Stars adding Ian Macleod on guitar and Paul Simon on drums.

Radio Stars got lumped in with the punk movement but they sounded more like a new wave band to me and I'm thinking along the lines of XTC. 'No Russians In Russia' is one of those songs that seems to get in your head the more times you hear it. The other cuts on the EP border on power pop/pub rock/new wave but definately not punk rock.

The record was engineered by Vic Maile who also went on to produce for The Inmates, Motorhead, Dr Feelgood and The Godfathers.

Looking at the pic of Radio Stars I get the impression that they weren't over keen squeezing into the (too small) muscle vests for the promo shots. Ian Macleod still has his mullett(esque) glam rock haircut for fucksake.

RADIO STARS - No Russians In Russia

04 March, 2009

THE SEX PISTOLS - Anarchy In The U.K.

THE SEX PISTOLS - 'Anarchy In The U.K.' / 'I Wanna Be Me' (EMI 2566) Nov 1976

This was the first ever release by The Sex Pistols with, of course the original line-up of Rotten, Jones, Matlock and Cook. It's been re-issued before but go for an original, they're still around for about £25-£40 in decent shape.

Despite little or no radio airplay the single still managed to dent the Top 40.

" I wanna be an anarchist, get pissed, destroy"THE SEX PISTOLS - Anarchy In The U.K.

02 March, 2009


Imagine my surprise when I discovered today that a Swedish psych collector recently started an online auction site titled 'Renaissance Fair'.....So I've decided that there can only be one 'Renaissance Fair' in the world and it will be his online auction site. I've checked it out and it looks promising. Here's a link:


This means that my blogspot has undergone a name change to 'Flower Bomb Songs'.

This is in keeping with my Byrds fascination. 'The Flower Bomb Song' is a documented David Crosby song that The Byrds refused to record. Marty Balin from The Jefferson Airplane also turned it down for his band.

So 'FLOWER BOMB SONGS' it is then.

Anyone who has my site as a link to their site please change the title accordingly. Anyone else who wishes to form an alliance with 'Flower Bomb Songs' let me know.

leave no turn unstoned......EXPO67