29 June, 2009


IPSISSIMUS - 'Hold On'/'Lazy Woman' (Parlophone R 5774) April 1969

Ipsissimus were a four piece outfit from Barking, Essex and the 45 on Parlophone was sadly their only offering. Both sides of the disc were produced by former Beatles engineer Norman Smith and legendary English DJ John Peel also gets a production credit.

'Hold On' is an updated heavy psychedelic rendition of the Rupert's People mod mover and can be found on Rubble 3 'Nightmares In Wonderland'.
Les Fluer De Lys also recorded the tune with female singer Sharon Tandy.

The Ipsissimus version is a fuzz & wah wah creation that no doubt would have sounded exciting as fuck listening to it on Peel's 'Perfumed Garden' radio show.
The flip 'Lazy Woman' is a band original written by bass player and singer Steve Oliver. This time 'round the band display their obvious talent with a full on blues rocker and considering that the blues was making something of a comeback in England during this period Ipsissimus may have faired better with this song as the one to push.
John Peel gave the record plenty of exposure but the single sold poorly and Ipsissimus never set foot in a recording studio again.
band line-up:

Steve Oliver (bass/vocals)
Len Deathridge (lead guitar)
Tony Sales (guitar)
Reg King (drums)

Thanks to "Pop Cycles" compiler and Shindig! contributor Paul Martin for the scans of The Ipsissimus single.
It's also worth noting that the song 'Hold On' has been recorded by several different outfits aswell as the ones already mentioned in my posting. Here's a full list:
Sharon Tandy & Fleur de Lys – Hold On (Atlantic, 1967 and 1968)
Ipsissimus – Hold On (Parlophone, 1969)
Jason Crest – Hold On (on the 10th Planet radio sessions LP).
The Gun – Hold On (radio version on volume 2 of Shapes & Sounds).
Rupert's People – Hold On (on Circle Recs LP)
Johnny Young – Hold On (1968 LP "Surprises.")
possible version by Chris Andrews – Hold On (1967) (comped on Oddities Vol.2 LP) I don't have this compilation but if anyone knows for sure let me know...thanks

Planet Mondo said...
The Ippi and Sharon versions are both rockers, I opened my 33 and a 3rd eye mix with it
26 June 2009 23:21

28 June, 2009

THE CALIFORNIANS - The Cooks Of Cake And Kindness

THE CALIFORNIANS - 'The Cooks Of Cake And Kindness' / 'Mandy' (Fontana TF 991) January 1969
This band of 'straights' hailing from Wolverhampton released several singles on the main labels in 60s Britain (CBS, Decca and Fontana) and much of their music is not relevant to 'Flower Bomb Songs' but there were a few exceptions and a strange B Side from their first Fontana record, 'The Cooks Of Cake And Kindness' is one of those and it was compiled in the 80s on Rubble Volume 4 'The 49 Minute Technicolour Dream'.

The Californians trademark sound was a loungy, MOR style similar to say The American Breed from USA band and 'The Cooks Of Cake And Kindness' still retains the usual orchestrated sound but it's far heavier and freaky with some great distorted pop syke guitar.

The song was co-written by John Carter from The Flower Pot Men who also recorded a version but this remained unreleased until the mid 90s when it turned up on a Flower Pot Men collection.
THE CALIFORNIANS - The Cooks Of Cake And Kindness

24 June, 2009


THE SONS OF FRED - 'Sweet Love' / 'I'll Be There' (Columbia DB 7605) May 1965

Continuing my trawl through the Rubble comps (Pop Syke Pipe Dreams) here's The Sons Of Fred with their no hit wonder 'Sweet Love' on Columbia. It's gritty R'n'B with that unmistakable 60s organ sound.

The band hailed from Great Yarmouth, a popular coastal Town in England and were indeed a popular attraction on the South Coast but failed to break through to the mainstream despite obvious talent.

Why the band have all got a woodbine in their mouth is unknown?


23 June, 2009

THE MIRROR - Faster Than Light

THE MIRROR - 'Gingerbread Man' /'Faster Than Light' (Philips BF 1666) May 1968
A very obscure psych band from Bath, England who boasted a decent local following but were ignored everywhere else apart from in Germany.
According to the liners of Bam Caruso release 'The Psychedelic Snarl', The Mirror single scraped into the bottom reaches of the German charts and they even performed on TV Show 'Beat Club'....

THE MIRROR - Faster Than Light

21 June, 2009

THE BEATLES - I Call Your Name

THE BEATLES - 'Long Tall Sally' EP (Parlophone GEP 8913) June 1964

It's been awhile since I posted something by The Beatles but I prompted myself to showcase this EP when I realised it was released in June 1964, exactly 45 years ago!! How scary is that?

It's a great four track EP where The Beatles really let go with rockers they often performed on their way up to super stardom at The Cavern in Liverpool. The song that particulary sticks out for me is the John Lennon original 'I Call Your Name'. This song was given away to Billy J Kramer to record in the Summer of 1963.

Obviously Lennon still thought it could work for The Beatles and it was earmarked for the film 'A Hard Day's Night' but the track was never used.
The recording of 'I Call Your Name' was completed and mixed in March 1964 and it eventually saw a release on this EP a few months later.

THE BEATLES - I Call Your Name

KEITH ALLISON - Action, Action, Action

KEITH ALLISON - 'Action, Action, Action' (Columbia CL 2641) 1966

'In Action' is a recommended album by Keith Allison to track down for those 60s freaks (like myself) into the more commercial sounds of the day.

Allison got his big break in the music business by simply looking like Paul McCartney. He moved to Los Angeles from Texas in '65 to seek work and ended up going to hang out joint The Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood on the day that the film crew of TV programme 'Where The Action Is' were recording for the show.

He was spotted in the 'in-crowd' sitting watching bands perform and because of his likeness to Macca was asked to return and be part of the 'Where The Action Is' set week in and week out.

This break and popularity with the girls led him to record a one off album deal with Columbia Records who spared no expense in getting the top musicians of the L.A. scene and producer Gary Usher to nail the sound down on tape.

The result is a time capsule of sunset strip sounds similar to Paul Revere and the Raiders (he would later end up as a member of The Raiders) with the odd Donovan folk rock song thrown in to vary the sounds and pace of the album...

One song from the album is the fuzz mover 'Action, Action, Action' written by Boyce and Hart. This garage rocker would have been perfect for The Monkees.
I don't know if Boyce and Hart ever offered the song to them but it was their loss if they didn't want it.
KEITH ALLISON - Action, Action, Action

20 June, 2009


THE KNICKERBOCKERS - 'High On Love' / 'Stick With Me' (Challenge 59332) June 1966

The high class wailing Brit Invasion rockers continued with this next release by The Knickerbockers. 'High On Love' is intense with a wild arrangement of pounding drums, gritty guitar and a wall of voices but sadly it failed to give the band the big hit it deserved.

The flip 'Stick With Me' is also a fine tune and slightlydelic....

18 June, 2009


THE KNICKERBOCKERS - 'One Track Mind' / 'I Must Be Doing Something Right' (Challenge 59326) March 1966

'One Track Mind' was the solid follow up to the big hit 'Lies' and once again The Knickerbockers serve up a merseybeat gem with raunchy guitar and power.

The flip is a Beau Charles original titled 'I Must Be Doing Something Right' and it's a slower paced Beatles fest.
Certainly a strong release and a hit in most regions but fell short of the success of 'Lies'.

THE KNICKERBOCKERS - One Track Mind (mono)

14 June, 2009


THE KNICKERBOCKERS - 'Lies' / 'The Coming Generation' (Challenge 59321) Nov 1965

If straight forward, high energy 60s rock played by musicians with slicked back hair is your bag, then look no further than The Knickerbockers.
The band were from the New Jersey area and cut their teeth playing other people's music, especially material by The Beatles.

They relocated to Los Angeles in the Autumn of 1965 and signed a deal with Challenge Records and became the house band on TV Show 'Where The Action Is'
'Lies' was eventually a sizable hit after a slow start. I say eventually because Challenge Records began promoting the mediocre folk rocker 'The Coming Generation' as the top side. Thankfully someone, somewhere saw sense and 'Lies' was elevated as the tune to deliver the goods and it certainly does that.

Obvious comparisons are The Beatles when they rocked out on songs such as 'I'm Down' or 'I Feel Fine'. BUT, The Knickerbockers are allowed to be more raw and aggressive or perhaps it just came out that way.
THE KNICKERBOCKERS - Lies (mono 45 version)

11 June, 2009


I would love one of these 'Psychedelic Wall Murals' as advertised in the April 1968 edition of "Teen Screen".

10 June, 2009

THE BYRDS - band shot 2

I found this group shot of The Byrds in the January 1966 issue of "Teen Screen" ..... One of the rare pics of David Crosby without his beloved green cape.

06 June, 2009


THE WYLDE HEARD - 'Take It On Home' / 'Stop It Girl' (Philips 40454) 1967

Based in Wisconsin, The Wylde Heard were one of those bands that had a brief brush with local fame then quickly disappeared leaving behind one 45.

They were originally called The Heard and released 'Take It On Home' / 'Stop It Girl' on the small label Feather Records. It must have sold reasonably well or at least the band provoked some major label interest due to gigs because Philips signed them and released the single. For unknown reasons, the label added "Wylde" to their name and the band became known as The Wylde Heard. Some copies of this release came in a picture sleeve.

'Stop It Girl' is a fast paced organ garage pop nugget with some interesting sustain sounds coming from the lead guitar. 'Take It On Home' on the other hand is an Anglophile ballad of sorts with Association style background harmonies and strings.