13 January, 2013


During the Summer of 2012 I decided to collect as many records by Milan a.k.a. The Leather Boy as I could find. I already had a fair number in my collection but decided to concentrate my efforts on the songs he wrote for other groups.

It took me about four months to track down obscure 45s by  The Chanters, The Doughboys, The Unclaimed, Ice Cream and The Downtown Collection. I also added a few released as World Of Milan.

Milan had his own style, even when other groups recorded his songs, I could detect Milan in the mix. He definately followed his own path of ideas and was unique.

I made six CDs and sent some contacts a copy. All I asked for was a small donation to cover my costs and the shipping etc.

Since I compiled this set, Milan has had his story told in the latest Ugly Things.
Maybe one day his work will be compiled professionally by a re-issue label, but until then here's a retrospection of Milan's work remastered direct from original vinyl and NOT sourced from crappy lo-fi sounding MP3s.



  1. What a FANTASTIC comp! I knew most if not all of Milan's tracks but not the rest recorded by others. The whole thing plays bautifully and as soon as it's over you just want to start again!
    Was there not in fact a comp that had been issued fairly recently? I seem to recall a review on UT in fact...
    Thanks a lot for putting it together and sharing it with the world! ;)

  2. Hi aldo

    There was a Milan LP comp released a few years ago. I've not got it or even heard it but I'm led to believe that the compiler used several poor sounding MP3s for his release.

    I uploaded my collection in 320kbps MP3s in MONO. All cuts are direct from original 45s out of my collection.

    Some of those 45s were tricky to find.

  3. I'm listening to it once again, as I write, wonderful stuff and sounding great that's for sure!
    have you ever come across this? http://milanakarickrodell.blogspot.com/

  4. Yes, I'm actually Facebook friends with two members of the Milan family. I sent them a CD of this as they hadn't heard many of the 45s before.

  5. Hi - Who is "Heaven here We Come/Head Shop" credited to? There isn't a name on only those two tracks. Thanks for the great music.

  6. Those two songs were taken from a stereo album by The Head Shop.