08 May, 2016


MIKI DALLON - "Cheat and Lie" / I'm Gonna Find A Cave" (Strike JH 306) January 1966

It has taken me a couple of years to find this original Miki Dallon single on Strike but I managed just that back in April. Both sides are fabulous mod beat with forceful bass runs, riffs a plenty and brass.
Just prior to this record Miki Dallon fronted The Sessions (probably a studio group) who released "Let Me In" / "Bouncing Bass" on the American Fontana label. This was late 1965.

Miki was also producer for gritty R&B group The Sorrows who covered several of his songs including "Let Me In" and "Take A Heart" They even recorded a version of "I'm Gonna Find A Cave" but it remained in the can for decades.

"I'm Gonna Find A Cave" was also recorded by Charlie Starr, Billy Lee Riley, Jimmy Powell & the Dimensions and The Banana Splits.

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